Connect with thousands of plant-based consumers

Vegan Inventions allows brands to rapidly get their product into the hand of thousands of consumers and gain market feedback while boosting sales and building brand loyalty. 

"We were so impressed with all that the Vegan Inventions had to offer. They sampled our chocolate directly to our consumers, and we got such wonderful feedback, plus many new customers. It was a great activity and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them."
Debbie Schogger
PLAYin CHOC, Founder

Brands we've worked with

Ways to connect with our audience

Ways to connect with our audience

Direct product sampling

Direct product sampling

73% of consumers said they were likely to buy a product after trying it. Vegan Inventions allows you to get your product into the hands of thousands of your ideal customers, targeting attributes such as shopper behaviour, lifestyle, diet, hobbies and more.

Competing for consumer attention is becoming more and more expensive and boosting sales online can prove to be an expensive task. Our digital activations helps to drive down CPA and sends hundreds or thousands of customers most-likely to buy your product to your online store.

Digital activations <br>and remarketing

Digital activations
and remarketing

Consumer <br>feedback


“83% of marketers identify that the ability to make data-guided decisions is one of the most important capabilities.”

Invite your ideal customers to help you with business decisions and gain insightful feedback from your audience by asking quantitative or qualitative questions.

How it works

Select your activation

Vegan Inventions supports a range of customer activations. Whether Market Research, Product Sampling or Targeted Email promotions, your brand can connect with thousands of vegan, plant-based or flexitarian consumers in a way that works for you.

Campaign goes live

Based on your requirements, our platform matches your brand with the audience you’ve selected. Consumers then claim their free samples and or complete your brand’s survey.

Data collection

Get access to your completed data including actionable tips from our team. We have a range of re-marketing options available that help you to continually engage with your audience all the way through to a purchasing decision.  

Ready to connect with thousands of vegan consumers?

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<span style="color: var( --e-global-color-accent ); letter-spacing: -0.8px;">Frequently asked questions</span>

Frequently asked questions

Brands use us to sample products to customers, conduct market research, and for targeted email marketing promotions.

We offer direct sampling campaigns, cashback offers and digital sampling.

The minimum audience size for a sample campaign is 100 consumers. 

The minimum audience size for market research is 1000. 

The minimum audience size for email promotions is 1000. 

All consumers have signed up to Vegan Inventions first-hand. During onboarding we make it clear that all claimed samples will include a survey. 

If a user does not complete a survey they will be removed from the platform. To ensure it doesn't get there we have key information on all users and ensure they are sent reminders.

Brands will first ship their products to our distribution centre. Our team then handles the rest 😊